Fees & Payment

1. We ensure secure payment

Payments to Leela Greens are dependent on transactions and include processing and authorization. The authorization fee, domestic processing fee, and tax (if applicable) make up the transaction fee, which is collected upon successful authorization and the execution of the purchase.

2. Does Leela Greens provide a safe online payment system?

Leela Greens guarantees the safety of your online payment.

3.Are my credit card and debit card details saved by Leela Greens?

No, in order to identify your card, Leela Greens only keeps the last four digits of your number.

4.Which debit and credit cards are Leela Greens compatible with?

Credit and debit cards from MasterCard, VISA, and Rupay are all welcome.

5. On Leela Greens, are there any other ways to pay?

We take a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards, e-gift vouchers, debit cards, UPI, cash on delivery, Paytm Postpaid, Wallet, and more.

Privacy Policy

Leela Greens.com is dedicated to preserving your privacy and values it. View our Privacy Policy for further information.

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