Return and Refund

Mode of Refund Payment

* The terms and conditions of the financial service provider & the period sought after for return might cause variances.

Refund Timelines

Leela Greens Wallet - Within 24 Hours

Your Leela Greens Wallet is the quickest method to get reimbursements. When you get a refund, all of the money goes into your Leela Greens Wallet. Leela Greens Refund credits cannot be used for another purchase and have a validity period of three years.

Original Mode Of Payment

Your chosen method of payment will be credited with the return amount within 7-10 business days after the refund is started. Below, you can see the refund timeframe for different ways.

Credit Card/Net Banking/ Debit Card/UPI Account - 4-5 Business Days

• Leela Greens Wallet (Refund Credits) - Within 24 Hours
• Offline (NEFT) - 7-10 Business Days

Returning an Item

Period of Time

Your chosen method of payment will be credited with the return amount within 7-10 business days after the refund is started.

Which items may be exchanged or returned?
  • Defective –In the event that the product you received is flawed. When a product has an unbalance, wooden joints that open, or any other manufacturing problem that prevents it from being used as intended, we call it a defect. Kindly be informed that the inherent qualities of the material, such as its look or texture, are not considered flaws, particularly in the case of solid wood goods.
  • Difference –If the item you get does not match the picture of the item on our website in terms of size, shape, or colour, we will refund your purchase.
  • Not Functional –Any device that uses batteries or requires electricity (such as appliances, lights, clocks, or bulbs) may be dead when it arrives at your doorstep. Just a reminder, we will only give replacements.
What cannot be returned or replaced?
  • Damaged or Missing –At time of delivery or assembly, you must make note of any claims pertaining to defective items, missing parts, or unfinished orders. It is important to note that after the delivery or assembly is finished, we might not be able to process any returns.
  • Relocation –Even when an item has arrived in pristine condition, Leela Greens cannot be held liable for any harm that may occur as a result of its disassembly for the purposes of moving or reassembling it.
How Can I Start the Return Process?
  1. View Product Images by Clicking on Them
  2. You need to take at least two or three good pictures of the item before you can submit a return request. The rules for capturing the pictures are down below.
  3. One or two high-quality photographs should showcase the whole product, while another one or two should focus on the damaged or faulty part to highlight the issue.
  4. Make sure the file size of the picture is less than 5 MB.
Make a Return Request
  1. Users Who Have Already Registered
  2. Enter Your Login Details > Select “My Account” and then look for the “My Orders” tab.
  3. Next to product’s name, you should see a “Return This Product” button; click on it.
  4. To add supplementary photos, choose “Reason” and then click “Upload.”
  5. Fill up the dialogue box with your feedback and then submit the request.
Evaluate and Pick-Up
  1. Within one business day of receiving the photos, a member of the Leela Greens Resolution team would be in touch.
  2. After reviewing the return request, the Leela Greens Resolution team will communicate with the merchant to determine whether a technician visit is necessary. Kindly be informed that the technician’s assessment report will be used to determine the resolution.
  3. After the technician assesses the goods and you communicate with our customer support agent, a time will be established for the return pickup.
  4. If you want the pick-up to go well, hold on to product’s original box, user manual, warranty paperwork, and any extra accessories.
  5. The logistic partner of brand or merchant will collect the merchandise from original delivery address within 72 hours of  return pick-up request being initiated.
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