Shipping & Delivery

Quick Shipping: How it Works?

1. A purchase is made by you

You place an order on our e-commerce platform to make an online purchase.

2. Everything is set up for your shipping

We arrange to pick and pack the product you ordered.

3. We make delivery right to your door

With extreme care, we bring the package to your door!

Answer to Your Queries

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are different for each vendor.

The delivery charges of low-value products are comparatively greater. To cover logistical expenses, we charge a small delivery fee in certain instances. To find out how much each product will cost to ship, look at your order detail.

If your order total is less than 5000 Indian rupees, you may be charged Rs 100 for delivery of any item specified as Leela Greens Plus. However, shipping is free for purchases that are 5000 rupees or more.

Why isn't the X-Y business day delivery schedule included in the delivery date?

Based on the timescales stated on the product page, it is probable that our courier partners will have a holiday between the day you made your purchase and the date of delivery. Here, we round up the projected date by one day. The delivery dates take into consideration the fact that certain courier partners & sellers do not operate on Sundays.

It is common practice for sellers to acquire and dispatch things within the timeframe mentioned on the product page. Monday through Saturday, except Sundays and public holidays.

Factors that affect the estimated delivery time are:

  • Product’s availability
  • Delivery destination

Several factors affect how long it takes for your order to arrive at its destination: the availability of the goods, your shipping address, and the time it takes for the courier to reach your area.

You can get more exact delivery timings right on the product page by entering your default pin code.

Do the prices listed by Leela Greens sellers include any additional fees?

When you shop at Leela Greens, you won’t find any unexpected fees. The costs shown are final and include everything. There is no hidden fee or additional cost above what is shown on the product page.

There are no hidden fees associated with delivery; rather, the amount you pay will be directly proportional to the seller’s shipping policy.

Why is delivery not possible at my address?
  • In order to find out whether the product will be delivered to your area, please input your pincode on the product page.
  • The shipping address’s pin code is going to be used to verify serviceability in the event that you have not yet supplied your pincode during checkout.
  • Whether the Seller offers shipping to your area determines whether your location can be handled or not.
  • Shipping some items to your region may be subject to legal limitations.
  • Access to dependable courier partners near you
  • Delivery agent may express a preference not to ship to certain places on occasion. They have complete control over this.
Why isn't the COD option available at my location?

Whether or not our courier partner serving your area can take cash as payment upon delivery determines the availability of COD.

Your order value may have above the restrictions set by our courier partners regarding the maximum cash amount due upon delivery, which vary by location. On the product page, you can see whether COD is available in your area by entering your pin code.

How to schedule a pickup for the return of an item?

Shipments are simple. Refunds may be started by contacting us. After you’ve started the return procedure, you’ll get a call with further details.

Our courier partner will help arrange for the item’s pickup whenever they can. You have the option to use a third-party courier service to return the goods if the pick-up can’t be arranged.

I received a confirmation of delivery by text message, but I’ve got my item!

If you get a delivery confirmation email or text message but the goods still hasn’t arrived, you have 7 days from the confirmation date to notify the seller so they may look into it.

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